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Nick Puddy - Managing Director

I have been active in the industry for nearly 20 years now. During that time I have been fortunate to work in an amazing variety of markets, in urban areas such as Bristol, Bath and Taunton, and most of the rural areas in-between. I have successfully listed and sold properties ranging from £35,000 all the way to £2,000,000.

Working in the Wells branch for one of the largest estate agents in the country, I was proud to increase ‘New Listings’ by 67% in one year, moving the office from a regional ranking of 57th, out of 59, to first. Doing this against budget was one of my proudest achievements and inspired my decision to start Laurel & Wylde.

Proud to be from a farming background and live in the lovely village of Mark where I grew up. Since I became a father to my two little worlds 7 years ago my children have been my inspiration for working hard and making a career for myself, and now for making the dream of expanding my own Estate Agency Business come true.

Estate agents have a bad reputation, and some of that is justified. But I have always tried to show the best of our industry, and that we should not all be tarred with the same brush. That is something I like to think I have done very well and will continue doing well at Laurel & Wylde.

So, I look forward to the next chapter: Burnham-on-Sea / Laurel & Wylde office No.2!

An extremely proactive yet honest estate agents, covering a large area, with an extensive range of products and services with No Upfront Charges!

Leanne Catania - Branch Manager - Cheddar

In all the years I have been in Estate Agency I have never known anyone fit into their role quite like Leanne! An extremely proactive and hard-working person that always puts in 100% from start to finish. Coming from a sales type background she fancied a change of career and happened to come and see me at exactly the right time, and I couldn’t have been happier… which is why I have made the decision to make her Branch Manager of Laurel & Wylde Cheddar.

A great asset to the company, always striving for that next goal, eager to learn and hungry for success, I hope Leanne is with us for a long time to come.

Laura - Branch Manager - Burnham-on-Sea

Laura is a delightful character who asked me for a job back in September 2018 whilst our respective Children were at football training!

At the time I only had a part-time job available, but she jumped on board and thoroughly enjoyed her time there.

Laura has a MASSIVE passion for property and has always been involved with her own property development, she says this is her dream job, although, serving Champagne & Cocktails on a beach in the Caribbean would probably be preferred, Laura is a right sun worshipper, she also doesn’t eat much!

James White - Senior Sales Negotiator

James has been with us now from the very beginning, a rustic, ageing part of the furniture constantly sporting a wonderful smile on his face!

James is truly loved by all including the team at Laurel & Wylde.

Val - Sales Consultant - Cheddar

Val………. What can we say about Val…. other than she is just…. lush!

I have known Val for a long time in the Estate Agency world and she hasn’t changed one bit, such a lovely, kind and caring person always happy to help as best she can.

Val used to be full time in agency then her singing career got in the way for a bit but we managed to keep hold of her at weekends. Now she is back doing a few more days for us and we couldn’t be happier.

Val is a bit like a nan to me, I’ve always said I would have her living with me when she grows old

Jayne - Sales Progression Expert

Jayne has been an integral part of our team for the past 2 years. She has over 20 years’ experience in the property sector and her knowledge of sales progression is second to none. Jayne works remotely which means she is able to dedicate 100% of her time to making sure each and every sale goes through as smoothly as possible whilst keeping all our wonderful vendors and buyers fully up to date throughout. Working remotely progressing sales is an amazing, largely undiscovered part of the sales process and a service which very few agents currently offer. If needed, Jayne answers email at all hours, in some cases 10 p.m in the evening. We feel this is one of the many services we offer which sets us apart from other agents.

Jayne is Mum to two girls aged 14 and 11 and works from home full time. She enjoys life to full and can be often found enjoying a large glass on red wine with friends and family on the weekend.

John - In Branch Mortgage Advisor

John tried to catch up with me many times whilst we were growing the Cheddar office, but unfortunately, we never had the chance to meet up.

Sometime later John randomly appeared at my office, stuck his head around the door and introduced himself.

John is an extremely light-hearted soul with even worse jokes than mine but with a persistence to do well to the point of never giving up. After meeting him I was extremely happy he popped in, we introduced him to a few of our clients and we instantly had great comments / feedback.

He was able to help them get from where they were, to where they wanted to be!

John has access to the Whole of The Market and will do appointments evenings and weekends, he does mortgages for Residential, Commercial, Buy To Let, Re-Mortgages and Self-Builds.

John offers a free initial meeting where he will give a full review of your situation and see where best he can help, he also offers a wide range of Insurances, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection & Life Insurance etc.


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